Vršič pass and Soča valley in autumn

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Vršič pass and Soča valley in autumn

OdgovorNapisal/-a kristsp » 09 Avg 2010 16:50

Hello! Is it normally possible to cross Vršič pass in end September / beginning of October? I would like to try ‘autumn colored’ multi day bicycle trip from Jesenice and Kranjska Gora through Soča valley, and then Bohinj and Bled if time allows. But I am bit confused about best possible timing. Well, nobody knows what weather would be like, but I have to choose – would it be some last week of September, or may be better October? :? I am not afraid of little cold, if it’s not freezing.

Well, excuse me if this post is not strictly MTB, and thanks for your suggestions :)
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Re: Vršič pass and Soča valley in autumn

OdgovorNapisal/-a primor » 11 Avg 2010 10:43

Yes, it is normally possible at that time.

Just don't go on 4.9.
it will be crowded

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