Rock Shox Judy TT's

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Rock Shox Judy TT's

OdgovorNapisal/-a Gost » 09 Jul 2004 19:18

Hi, my name is Daren.
What do you guys think of the Rockshox judy TTs?
Im planning to get them. Can you tell me what you think of them?
and please post any problem youve had with them?

OdgovorNapisal/-a k4fc0123 » 09 Jul 2004 19:31

Here's a translation of a topic "judy-tt vs manitou six sport":

I have TT for 2 months now:
+ robust fork, no oil leaking (because it has one), price, works well enough for my purpose (XC with CrMo hardtail)
- stiff fork for my 75 kg, fewer adjustment possibilities, works worse than Judy XC from 1995.

Manitou has never let me down.

Hard as a rock, comparing to my Scareb. No working difference because of the temperature differences.

4: Six fork is softer than TT, is suitable for women and lighter riders. Works bettet on smaller bumps. TT is the exact opposite.

Maybe someone else will post link to the page, where readers are rating bike components, besause I don't know the address.

Good luck!
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OdgovorNapisal/-a Sigma » 09 Jul 2004 20:04

and I said that there IS difference (but hardly noticeable) because of the temperature differences. ;)
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