snow dual race in Austria/Tyrol

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snow dual race in Austria/Tyrol

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Maybe, some of you are interested in this race...

5th Int. Snow Dual DH Race, Kolsassberg Fri & Sat, February 17th & 18th 06

ÖRV approved race (#1-2/2006)

presenter: UNION Raiffeisen Radteam Tirol
chief of organization: Mr. Thomas Kreidl, phone: 0043676 5283361

start: top station Hofer-Lift, Kolsassberg
finish: open-air ground „Hofer Stubn“
length: 380 m / -80 m altitude gain
chief of the track: Mr. Walter Bacher, phone: 0043664 4148269

startings: Fri, 02-17-06 from 2 p. m. free trainings
Sat, 02-18-06 10 - 12 a. m. free trainings
12 a. m. - 2 p. m. qualifyings
from 2 p. m. finals
~ 4 p. m. highjump competition

nomination: proBike
Tannenberggasse 13
6130 Schwaz
phone: 00435242 66661, 0043676 5283361, Fax: 00435242 666611 ,

entry: € 25,- (incl. shuttle transfer from finish to start on competition's day)
last nomination: Tue, February 14th 2006, 11:59 p. m.
lagged nomination: Wed, 02-15-06 00:00 a. m. - Sat, 02-18-06. 10 a. m., € 30,-
highjump competition: Each participant of the Snow Dual DH race is also privileged to join the highjump competition. cash payment on the spot: € 10,-
categories: Men and Women from 18 years, Juniors only by valid race licence, Fun class from 18 years, under 18 years only by subscription of legal guardian (e. g. parents).
prices: Elite: € 300, € 200, € 100
Women, Juniors: € 100, € 50, € 30
Fun class: cups (1st, 2nd, 3rd rank)
local ranking: cups (1st, 2nd, 3rd rank)
highjump competition: € 200,-

Each participant is handed a surprise give-away.
competition rules: Considering the regulation of the Austrian Bicycle Association the race runs as an „eliminator race“, i. e. the matches are arranged amoungst 32, 16 or 8 participants. Example: 1st vs. 32th, 2nd vs. 31st, 3rd vs. 30th - the match-winner enters the next level („16th part final“), having fights between rank 1 vs. rank 16, rank 2 vs. rank 15 and so on. Da Capo al fine.
commitment: You must wear a helmet!

Presenter, organizers and sponsors are not responsible for any damage and injuries a participant may sustain. With his nomination the participant agrees not to raise any claims against any persons, institutions or companies currently involved or having been involved in the holding of the „Snow Dual Downhill Race“. The participant also agrees not to raise any claims based on dangers against his person and his property, that may occur due to the holding of the „Snow Dual Downhill Race“.
Due to the risk if injury, you are not allowed to mount spike-equipped tires.
lodgings: motel „Hofer Stubn“,
award ceremony: Sat, 02-18-06, 6 p. m., Hofer Stubn - Join the After Race Party!

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