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OdgovorNapisal/-a Jim Gagnepain » 15 Mar 2006 17:09

Can anybody translate this thread to English? The picture is from my website. I hope everybody is saying nice things about it.

I've asked everybody I know if they know the language, but nobody does!
Jim Gagnepain
Fort Collins, CO
Jim Gagnepain
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OdgovorNapisal/-a Raptor » 15 Mar 2006 17:32

Which thread do you mean?
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OdgovorNapisal/-a Draz_H » 15 Mar 2006 17:38

Did u mean translating this thread into Slovene?
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OdgovorNapisal/-a Tomo » 15 Mar 2006 18:39

@Draz_h, no : Jim is founder of this site :
and somewhere on our board is link to image from his site.
Here !

@Jim: short abstract of discussion: there is still hope for yankees
Zadnjič spremenil Tomo, dne 24 Mar 2006 22:35, skupaj popravljeno 1 krat.
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OdgovorNapisal/-a Madness » 16 Mar 2006 10:24

but then of course... hills around Ft. Collins provide a perfect excuse to ride a bike. :wink:
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