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Searching GPS- Tracks "TransSlovenia"

Objavljeno: 28 Jul 2014 13:37
Napisal/-a jibbme
Dear Slovenian Mountain Bikers,

Some time ago I read about a 6 days MTB-tour through Slovenia (see the map below) in a German bike magazin - now we decided to make this I am searching for a GPS-Track of this tour. Could somebody help me?

Maybe there are some (better) alternative route-options you could recommended, please let me know this --> Rough MTB-trails prefered ;-)

thanks a lot

Greetings from Germany

Re: Searching GPS- Tracks "TransSlovenia"

Objavljeno: 29 Jul 2014 07:05
Napisal/-a antonov30
Hello, please post the link of tour. I think this is no mtb route, becouse there is no other way across VRŠIČ than road and belive me you dont want to climb this hill with freeride fully. What kind of riding do you prefer? We have some bike park in that area, and some other good mtb trails. Bikeparks are in Maribor, Kranjska Gora, Kanin, adrenalin park Krvavec.

Re: Searching GPS- Tracks "TransSlovenia"

Objavljeno: 29 Jul 2014 08:25
Napisal/-a jibbme
you will find the tour here - it's from the german mountainbike mag "bike"
riding style - lets say (hipsterlike) - "modern trail riding" trails up and downhill are super - no freeride

A friend of a friend of me send me that infos:
Day 1:
Kr. Gora - Prelaz Vrsic - Trenta - Zaga - Stol - Kobarid
Dayn 2:
Kobarid - Matajur - Cepletis - Kolovrat - Volce - Tolmin
After Tolmin route on left Soca river bank advised
Day 3:
Tolmin - Trebusa - Ajdovscina - Vipava
Day 4:
Vipava - Nanos/Plesa - Predjama - Postojna
or alternatively
Vipava – Slap – Lože – Manče – Kobdilj - Štanjel and then Pliskovica or Dutovlje
Day 5:
Postojna - Sv. Trojica - Pivka - Prem - Pregarje - Kozina
Day 6:
Kozina - Slavnik - Grasisce - Dragonja - Piran

Re: Searching GPS- Tracks "TransSlovenia"

Objavljeno: 29 Jul 2014 09:06
Napisal/-a Tzuli


Whole track for less than 20 EUR.

Re: Searching GPS- Tracks "TransSlovenia"

Objavljeno: 29 Jul 2014 11:38
Napisal/-a jibbme
Thank you - Tzuli. I know this tool to generate the route - unfortunately I read in an german bike forum that this tour will be relatively easy to ride (a lot of asphalt / street parts), but there will be an or some other possibilities to ride a trans slovenia-tour including more trail parts....

Re: Searching GPS- Tracks "TransSlovenia"

Objavljeno: 30 Jul 2014 12:15
Napisal/-a shamo
perhaps you can get in touch with Peter Immich , who knows much about these routes and can probably advise on byways to some of those parts.